Ringwood Athletic Club

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Event Person Performance Location Date
100 Scott Mace 10.88 Gold Coast 14 Mar 2008
200 Scott Mace 21.3 (h) Box Hill 27 Oct 2007
400 John Klabbers 49.1 (h) Olympic Park 4 Mar 1984
800 Mark Hogarth 1:49.7 Olympic Park 30 Mar 1974
1500 Mark Hogarth 3:58.4 Olympic Park 11 Feb 1973
Mile Eddie Elderhurst 4:13.4 Olympic Park 4 Nov 1967
3000 Craig Appleby 8:37.0 Olympic Park 21 Oct 2002
5000 Craig Appleby 14:47.28 Olympic Park 14 Nov 2002
2000 Steeple Phillip Morphou 6:28.3 Doncaster 29 Jan 1983
3000 Steeple Phillip Morphou  9:53.0  Olympic Park  24 Nov 1983
1500 Walk Paul Copeland 5:59.1 Olympic Park 7 Mar 1984
3000 Walk Paul Copeland 12:27.29 Olympic Park 31 Jan 1985
5000 Walk Paul Copeland 21:42.5 Olympic Park 18 Dec 1984
110 Hurdles (10 x 99.1) Tayleb Willis 13.69 Albert Park 20 Feb 2021
110 Hurdles (10 x 91.4) Tayleb Willis 13.68 Aberfeldie 13 Dec 2020
400 Hurdles (10 x 84.0) Ethan Harris 53.73 Knox 20 Dec 2020
High Jump David Frazer 2.12 Olympic Park 30 Jan 1992
Long Jump David Culbert 7.64 Brisbane 9 Dec 1984
Triple Jump Tayleb Willis 14.18 Albert Park 2 Mar 2019
Pole Vault Gary Haasbroek 4.20 Doncaster 5 Feb 2017
Shot Put (5kg) Scott Martin 17.97 Olympic Park 6 Mar 1999
Discus (1.5kg) Werner Reiterer 68.44 Olympic Park 2 Nov 1985
Javelin (800g - New Spec) Gary Haasbroek 49.74 Doncaster 5 Feb 2017
Javelin (800g - Old Spec) Dario Marini 69.46 Heidelberg 15 Feb 1978
Javelin (700gm) Werner Reiterer 65.96 Adelaide 11 Dec 1983
Hammer (5kg) Ben Voogd 70.44 Perth 12 Dec 2019
Decathlon Gary Haasbroek 6670 Albert Park
Lakeside Stadium
20/21 Feb 2016
4 X 100 Relay Gary Haasbroek
Jack Lacey
Nicholas Repalust
Daniel Richardson
42.81 Albert Park
Lakeside Stadium 
28 Nov 2015
4 X 200 Relay John Klabbers
Anthony Hirst
David Culbert
Stuart Robb
1:33.7 Olympic Park 9 Mar 1983
4 X 400 Relay Michael Price
Mark Bateson
Patrick Bryden
John Klabbers
3:33.6 Olympic Park 19 Dec 1982
4 X 800 Relay Craig Appleby
Robert Whaley
Tom Fricker
Shayne Clarke
8:35.12 Knox 2001
Medley Relay
200, 200, 400, 800

Nicholas Repalust

Daniel Richardson

Stephen Dang

Brendon Glidden- Green


Albert Park

Lakeside Stadium

29 Nov 2014

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