Ringwood Athletic Club

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Event Person Performance Location Event Date Age
100 Nicholas Rodda 10.8 (h) Olympic Park Feb 1989  
200 Scott Mace 22.94 Box Hill 15 Oct 2005 15
400 Ethan Harris 50.03 Sydney 5 Apr 2019 15
800 Robert Whaley 2:00.58 Knox 21 Oct  2000 15
1500 Robert Whaley 4:08.0 Knox 28 Oct 2000 15
Mile Eddie Elderhurst 4:28.5 Olympic Park 6 Nov 1965 15
3000 Geoff Bricknell 9:07.4 Olympic Park 7 Nov 1976 15
2000 Steeple Rohan Lindsay-Johns 6:36.8 Olympic Park 11 Dec 2003  
800m Walk A Walters 3:42.0 Olympic Park 26 Feb 1977 13
1500m Walk Mark Blackwood 6:16.7 Knox 11 Jan 1992 14
2000 Walk Mark Blackwood 8:15.88 Knox 16 Jan 1993 15
3000 Walk Paul Copeland 13:22.6 Olympic Park 12 Feb 1983 15
100 Hurdles (10 x 91.4) David Culbert 15.2 (h) Olympic Park 12 Mar 1983 15
100 Hurdles (10 x 84.0) AIden Saluni-Kettle 12.88 Canberra 3 Dec 2016 15
110 Hurdles (10 x 91.4) Aiden Saluni-Kettle 14.03 Sydney 28 Mar 2017 15
200 Hurdles (10 x 76.2) Tayleb Willis 25.97 Cairns 8 Dec 2018 15
400 Hurdles (10 x 84.0) Ethan Harris 55.16 Sydney 7 Apr 2019 15
High Jump

David Frazer

Marcus Wickham



Olympic Park

Olympic Park

7 Dec 1989

2 Nov 1985

Long Jump Robert Lethbridge  6.83 Sydney 18 Jan 1969  
Triple Jump Tayleb Willis 14.18 Albert Park 2 Mar 2019 15
Pole Vault Peter Noden 3.50 Olympic Park 15 Jan 1983  
Shot Put John Meszaros 19.13 Knox 29 Jan 1999  
Discus Werner Reiterer 68.62 Olympic Park 22 Oct 1983  
Javelin (700g) Werner Reiterer 65.96 Adelaide 11 Dec 1983  
Hammer Ben Voogd 68.02 Adelaide 9 Dec 2017 15
Pentathlon David Culbert 3547 Olympic Park    
Heptathlon Paul Haasbroek 4569 Collingwood 7-8 Oct 2017 14
Decathlon Paul Haasbroek 6262 Albert Park 3-4 Mar 2018 15
4 X 100 Relay Anthony Hirst
Stuart Robb
Richard Penny
John Klabbers
46.4 (h) Olympic Park 19 Dec 1981  
4 X 200 Relay John Klabbers
Anthony Hirst
David Culbert
Stuart Robb
1:33.7 Olympic Park 9 Mar 1983  
4 X 400 Relay Michael Price
Mark Bateson
John Klabbers
Patrick Bryden
3:33.6 Olympic Park  19 Dec 1982  
4 X 800 Relay Matthew McCauley
Nathan Carr
Cameron Bell
Rohan Lindsay-Johns
8:33.70 Olympic Park ? ??  
Medley Relay
Harry George
Dale Walker
Cameron Bell
Matthew McCauley
3:59.66 Doncaster 18 Jan 2004  



Shot = 4kg
Hammer = 4kg
Discus = 1.0kg
Javelin = 700gm

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