Ringwood Athletic Club

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Time Athlete Competition Location Result Comments Date Age
8:49.61 Jacqueline Perkins   KOB   CR Open 13 August 1987 21
8:52.49 Jacqueline Perkins   Olympic Park   CR Open 18 December 1986 21
9:14.4 Jacqueline Perkins Zatopek (Aus Champs)? Olympic Park 1 f CR Open & U20 12 December 1984 19
9:17.8 Anne Lord         20 December 1985 24
9:18.6 Rhonda (Taylor) Mallinder       CR Open 24 February 1979 20
9:29.3 Jenny Orr Vic Champs Open Aberfeldie 1 F CR Open, Won by 50 seconds 16 February 1974 21
9:40.49 June Petrie         25 February 1993 29
9:43.58 Tamara Dingley         24 May 1996 19
9:48.0 Lisa Dick         20 February 1994 25
9:56.1 Kathy Watt         10 March 1984 19
9:57.0 Nadelle Gregg         18 February 1994 20
9:58.0 Louise Rath         18 February 1994  
10:18.2 Lavinia Petrie Vic Champs Open Olympic Park 4 F   28 February 1976 32
10:24.4 Carly McDade AV Shield Mount Evelyn     24 October 2015 25
10:33.7 Shannon McDade Milers Club Albert Park 4 B Race 10 November 2015 23
19 yo              
9:14.4 Jacqueline Perkins Zatopek (Aus Champs)? Olympic Park 1 f CR Open & U20 12 December 1984 19
9:43.58 Tamara Dingley         24 May 1996 19
9:56.1 Kathy Watt         10 March 1984 19
18 yo              
17 yo              
9:39.0 Anne Lord   Aberfeldie   CR U18 1 March 1979 17
16 yo              
9:45.5 Anne Lord       CR U18 3 March 1978 16
15 yo              
9:56.9 Tamara Dingley   Doncaster   CR U16 4 February 1993 15
14 yo              
10:00.18 Tamara Dingley       CR U16 19 December 1991 14
10:47.50 Ruby Crisp Vic Champs U15 Albert Park 5 F   4 March 2017 14
13 yo              
11:19.1 Monique Gorman       CR U14 25 February 1989 13
11:29.93 Ruby Crisp AVS Final Albert Park     6 February 2016 13
12 yo              
11:38.7 Ruby Crisp AV Shield Nunawading     10 December 2015 12
11 yo              
12:16.1 Ruby Crisp AV Shield Ringwood     1 November 2014 11
10 yo              
9 yo              
16:27.58 Belle Guillou AVS Final Albert Park   U14 6 February 2016 9
16:29.44 Allie Guillou AVS Final Albert Park   U14 6 February 2016 9
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