Ringwood Athletic Club

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Time Athlete Competition Location Result Comments Wind Date Age
15 yo 9 x 76.2              
13.93 Lisa Dunstan   Olympic Park   CR U16   23 February 1991 15
15 yo 10 x 76.2              
12.68 Danielle Shaw Aus All Schools U16 Townsville 2 H1 CR U16 0.5 7 December 2013 15
13.41 Ashler Farmer Vic All Schools U16 Doncaster 1 F   1.4 27 October 2019 15
13.48 Evangaline Cheung Aus Champs U16 Sydney 7 F PB -0.1 13 April 2021 15
14 yo 10 x 76.2              
13.13 Danielle Shaw Aus Champs U16 Perth 1 H2 CR U16 0.9 14 March 2013 14
13.46 Brooke Mullenger Vic Champs U16 Albert Park 2 F   -1.2 25 February 2017 14
13.50 Danielle Shaw Vic Champs U16 Lakeside 1 F CR U16 NWI 9 February 2013 14
13.97 Brooke Mullenger Vic Champs U16 Albert Park 2 F   -0.5 24 February 2017 14
13.83 Evangeline Cheung AV Shield R2 Knox     -2 6 December 2020 14
14.04 Amelia Smith Aus Champs U16 Sydney 7 H1 PB 1.5 13 April 2021 14
14.10 Isabella Sallee Aus Champs U15 Sydney 5 h2   0.7 2 April 2019 14
14.59 Natasha Kindler Vic Champs U16 Lakeside 7 F   (-0.9) 20 February 2021 14
16.6 Sylvia Dang Vic All Schools U15 Albert Park 7 h1   -2.4 3 November 2017 14
14 yo ?? Flights 9 x 76.2?              
14.3* Lisa Dunstan       CR U16   25 November 1989 14
13 yo 9 x 76.2              
14.06 Mali Neale Vic Champs U15 Albert Park F 2 CR U14 1.4 25 February 2017 13
14.16 Mali Neale Vic Champs U15 Albert Park H 2 CR U14 1.4 24 February 2017 13
15.07 Amelia Smith Vic Champs U15 Lakeside 4 F   -0.9 29 February 2020 13
12 yo                
15.8* Susan Bateson       Club Record U14   5 March 1983 12

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