Ringwood Athletic Club

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Healthy Les thrusts see.


Time Athlete Competition Location Result Comments Wind Date Age
12.2 Val Owen       VWAAA E grade record   1964-1965 season  
13 yo 9 x 76.2              
12.85 Isabella Sallee Aus Champs U14 Sydney 4 F CR U14 1.1 16 March 2018 13
13.03 Isabella Sallee Vic Champs U14 Albert Park 1 F CR U14 1.7 25 February 2018 13
13.3* Lisa Dunstan       No of flights?   18 February 1989 13
13.43 Evangaline Cheung Aus Champs U14 Sydney 5 h1   0.2 2 April 2019 13
13.43 Mali Neale Vic All Schools U14 Albert Park 3 f   -0.5 4 November 2016 13
13.95 Rylie Halwalage AVSL R08 Geelong   PB 0.5 22 January 2022 13
14.76 Sylvia Dang Vic All Schools U14 Albert Park 16 h   2.2 4 November 2016 13
14.97 Elena Harris Vic All Schools U14 Albert Park 4 h2   0.7 3 November 2018 13
14.6* R J Warren           20 January 1990 11
14.6* R M Warren           13 January 1990 11
NT Virginia Sleigh Vic Champs Open Royal Park West 3 F No time, 1st was Pam Kilborn, 10.4w   17 February 1968  

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