Ringwood Athletic Club

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Time Athlete Competition Location Result Comments Date Age
15:38.34 Jacqueline Perkins   Olympic Park   Club Record 2 December 1988 23
15:45.96 Jacqueline Perkins   Budapest   Club Record 18 August 1988 22
16:12.6 Anne Lord       Club Record 5 March 1988 26
16:19.3 Lisa Dick         25 February 1998 29
16:55.0 Nadelle Gregg         7 February 1997 23
17:10.5 Rhonda Mallinder       Club Record 17 November 1983 25
17:22.08 Carly McDade Aus Uni Games Perth 3 f   29 September 2016 26
17:22.3 June Petrie         8 February 1996 32
18:16.2 Nicola Clark         3 November 1994  
18:26.0 Lavinia Petrie         15 September 1989 46
18:38.97 Shannon McDade Vic 5k Champs Albert Park 2 B race 17 November 2016 24
18:56.8 Julie Norney         11 April 2004  
19:16.7 Joanne Lambden         24 November 1994  
19:50.00 Tamara Dingley         18 February 1995 17
19 yo              
16:44.4 Anne Lord Vic Champs Open Olympic Park 2 F CR Open & U20 17 November 1980 19
18 yo              
17 yo              
19:50.00 Tamara Dingley       CR U18 18 February 1995 17
16 yo              
45-49 yo              
18:26.0 Lavinia Petrie         15 September 1989 46
75-79 yo              
23:30.4 Lavinia Petrie Aus Masters Champs Albert Park 1 F World, Aus, Vic and Club age best 28 April 2019 75

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