Ringwood Athletic Club

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The Ringwood Athletic Club has been providing excellent coaching and facilities for its members since 1961.

The Ringwood Athletic Club caters for male and female athletes of all standards, from junior (Year 6 Primary) beginners to elite senior athletes. We provide opportunities to participate at a variety of levels in both senior and under-age competition. At Ringwood you can commence at the standard of your choice and step up to higher levels as you improve.

One of the features of the club has been its development of junior athletes.


Many members who joined the Club as teenagers have gone on to win Victorian Championships, Australian Championships and subsequently represented Australia in Commonwelath Games, Olympic Games and World Championships.

High profile members of the Club have included include Commonwealth and Olympic representatives Catherine Freeman, Lauren Hewitt, Lisa Dick, Kyle Vander-Kuyp, David Culbert, Cecilia McIntosh, Scott Martin and Ben Harradine.  Click on the Australian Representatives link to see how many Ringwood members have represented Australia.

Club Constitution
The Club constitution can be viewed and saved by clicking the link.  Do a right click to open the file in a new tab.

Club Constitution


Club Policies

The adopted club policies can also be viewed and read as PDF files.  Select the following links for the policies.  Do a right click to open the file in a new tab.


Member Protection


Smoke Free

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