Ringwood Athletic Club

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On a great weather day we trooped up to Harcourt for the start of the Ekidan Relay.  This event is a point to point relay starting in Harcourt and finishing in Bendigo, with varying distance legs over different types of terrain.


Competing in Mens Division 4 we were led out on the first leg by Tom Fawthorpe who posted the third fastest time of the day for that leg from all the teams.  Special thanks to Shannon and Carly McDade who ran the fourth and fifth legs to help bring the team home in third place, without their efforts we would not have finished the team.


Dean Tromp and Jack Brooks were also very strong on their legs as we held onto first place from the Division three and four runners over the first three legs.


Leg Distance Athlete Time
1 6.6km Tom Fawthorpe 18:42
2 8.0km Dean Tromp 21:55
3 8.4km Jack Brooks 28:46
4 7.8km Shannon McDade 33:01
5 6.1km Carly McDade 24:22


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