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A lot of great performances over the Australian Masters held at Albert Park from our Senior athletes.



10000m: Tim Norton 33:51.67 (1st)

5000m: Tim Norton 15:24.63 (1st)

1500m: Tim Norton 4:18.51 (1st)


Weight Throw: Nicole Johansen 10.83m (4th)

Shot Put: Nicole Johansen 8.99m (4th)

Javelin: Nicole Johansen 31.04m (3rd)

Hammer: Nicole Johansen 33.05m (4th)

Discus: Nicole Johansen 33.64m (1st)

Throws Pentathlon: Nicole Johansen: Weight Throw: 10.68; Shot Put: 08.91; Javelin: 31.26; Hammer: 34.50; Discus: 31.69


200m:Shane McKenzie 25.15 (5th); 25.10 (P) (1.4); Glen Pratt 27.05 (P) (1.4)

100m:Glen Pratt 13.01 (P) (3.3)



Weight Throw: Angela Edwards 9.22m (5th); Debbie Voogd 8.10m (7th)

Javelin: Angela Edwards 20.99m (5th)

Hammer: Angela Edwards 27.65m (6th)

Pentathlon: Angela Edwards: Shot Put: 07.65; Long Jump: 02.87 (+0.0); Javelin: 24.97; 800m: 3:42.00; 100m: 17.33


Throws Pentathlon: Patrick Carroll: Weight Throw: 12.45; Shot Put: 12.60; Javelin: 35.28; Hammer: 38.30; Discus: 35.56

Shot Put: Patrick Carroll 12.51m (4th)

Hammer: Patrick Carroll 38.13m (5th)

Discus: Patrick Carroll 36.94m (5th)


200m: Kathy Green 34.74 (P) (2.0)

100m: Kathy Green 16.69 (P) (2.9)

60m: Kathy Green 10.14 (8th) (1.9)


Weight Throw: Narelle Messerle 11.37m (4th)

Shot Put: Narelle Messerle 8.63m (1st)

Long Jump: Narelle Messerle 2.96m (2nd) (4.1)

Javelin: Narelle Messerle 17.31m (5th)

High Jump: Narelle Messerle 1.08m (2nd)

Hammer: Narelle Messerle 23.38m (6th)

Discus: Narelle Messerle 22.40m (3rd)

Throws Pentathlon: Narelle Messerle: Weight Throw: FOUL; Shot Put: 08.44; Javelin: 18.79; Hammer: 25.93; Discus: 21.92


5000m: Lavinia Petrie 23:30.93 (1st)


Hammer: Gus Puopolo 25.07m (7th)

Aus Masters 01



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