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The Athletics Victoria Shield Final was held in warm to hot conditions at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park.  The Club had 5 out of 10 teams competing with some great performances by our athletes.  It would be nice to see this event actually have the graded and age group teams compete head to head, but that is just my view.

Our team results were:
Women 40+ 5th of 8
Women U16 10th of 11
Women U14 8th of 9
Men U18 8th of 11
Men U14 7th of 11


A couple of notable performances were by Luke Carroll in the U18 Pole Vault jumping 3.40 and Thomas Dellow in the U14 1500m running 4:45.1

100m: Ethan Lamb 11.39 (-1.4); Aaron Peter-Budge 11.50 (-1.8); Benjamin Voogd 12.10 (-0.9); Tyran Heward 12.99 (0.2);
400m: Tyran Heward DNS; Aaron Peter-Budge DNS;
110m Hurdles: Ethan Lamb 16.74 (0.6);
Discus: Benjamin Voogd 45.48m; Ben Sandilands 33.75m;
Javelin: Tyran Heward 21.88m;
Long Jump: Tyran Heward 4.39m (0.8); Luke Carroll DNS;
Pole Vault: Luke Carroll 3.40m;


100m: Peter Costanzo 13.32 (-0.1); Noah Thorpe 14.11 (-0.7); Jackson Mooney 14.52 (-0.7);
400m: Noah Thorpe 62.83; Peter Costanzo DNS; Joshua Jenkins DNS;
1500m: Thomas Dellow 4:45.1h; Joshua Jenkins 5:35.6h;
90m Hurdles: Nathan Philactides 12.97 (-0.7); Jackson Mooney 15.27 (-0.7);
Discus: Noah Thorpe 24.64m;
Javelin: Wian Swanevelder DNS;
Long Jump: Peter Costanzo 4.86m; Noah Thorpe 4.46m (2.2);


100m: Olivia Skerry DNS (0.6); Sylvia Dang DNS (1.5);
400m: Sylvia Dang 64.68; Olivia Skerry DNS;
Discus: Gemma Johansen 34.38m;
Javelin: Gemma Johansen 25.55m;
Long Jump: Gemma Johansen 2.87m;


100m: Isabella Sallee 13.99 (1.0); Elena Harris 14.18 (1.0);
80m Hurdles: Evangeline Cheung 13.87 (-0.2);
90m Hurdles: Isabella Sallee 14.77 (0.1);
Long Jump: Evangeline Cheung 4.59m; Elena Harris 3.97m;


100m: Kathy Green 17.04 (1.7); Trish Harris 15.59 (2.1); Angela Edwards 17.95 (1.7); Debbie Voogd 21.84 (2.3);
400m: Kathy Green 83.59; Angela Edwards 1:33.21;
1500m: Lisa Dellow 5:55.2h; Coral Farr 6:50.1h; Sandra Geisler 6:19.8h;
2000m Walk: Sandra Geisler 10:13.5h;
Discus: Nicole Johansen 29.38m; Narelle Messerle 18.90m;
Javelin: Nicole Johansen 29.10m; Narelle Messerle 16.48m;
Long Jump: Narelle Messerle 2.67m; Nicole Johansen 2.70m;

Luke Carroll Shield Final 2018 2019

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