Ringwood Athletic Club

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Competeting with the Worlds Best at the World Junior Championships the Ringwood Athletic Club added to its long roster of Australian Representatives with Gary Haasbroek in the Decathlon and Lateisha Willis in the 100m Hurdles.


In what can be only described as outstanding performances Gary took out the Silver Medal alongside fellow Australian Ashley Moloney who won the Gold.  Gary created a new PB for himself and broke his own Under 20 Club Record with 7798 points.  The Decathlon is not only the mastery of ten events it is the Track and Field Marathon where you have to get everything right over those two days.  You really can't afford to get anything wrong.  Throw in the fact that you probably only get one shot at these age group events and it multiplies the difficulty.


Lateisha Willis had to wait until Day 4 of competition to do her stuff over the 100m Hurdles and then for good measure she was the last of 6 heats in the outside lane.  Lateisha raced very well to finish 3rd in 13.92 as an automatic qualifier for the Semis.  Running in the Semi, which was her goal for the meet she ran a similar time of 13.93 and missed the final.


Fantastic efforts all round and a special shout out to Peter Benifer, hurldes coach par excellence.


100 LJ SP HJ 400 110H Disc PV JT 1500
10.92 7.76 13.28 2.01 49.2 14.26 40.54 4.30 55.25 4.35.38
-0.3 0.3       -0.3        



Event Result H, S or F Wind
100m Hurdles 13.92 3 - H6 -1.1
  13.93 8 - S1 -1.1


WJC 2018 GH and Ash Moloney 03  WJC 2018 PB LW and GH  WJC 2018 GH Result 
WJC 2018 GH and Ash Moloney 01 WJC 2018 LW start line WJC 2018 LW starting
WJC 2018 GH and Ash Moloney 02  WJC 2018 GH Silver Medal  






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