Ringwood Athletic Club

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On what was a typical Sandown day we had a very cold southerly wind with the rain hovering in the background.  Thankfully the rain held off.  Athletics Vctoria made an early weather call and shortened this years event to be one lap of 3.1 km for all the grades and ages. Normally the Seniors would run two laps.  In hindsight the weather held and they could have gone ahead as normal, but I didn't hear too many complaints about the shorter race.

We can now add a one lap time for the Seniors to the Sandown All Time Lists.

The senior women where led off by Shannon McDade in 11:19 for our fastest womens time of the day.  Scott Benedict was our fastest in the U20 men with 10:26 and just outside his PB.  Ruby Crisp who ran second for the U20 women had the fastest time for the junior girls and was also second fastest overall for our ladies.

Thanks to our timekeeprs for braving the elements, it is greatly appreciated.

Women Division 3 - 10th - 58:25 (3.1 km per leg)
1 Shannon McDade 11:19
2 Lavinia Petrie 14:02
3 Coral Farr 15:57
4 Kathy Green 17:07
Men U20 - 5th - 34:06 (3.1 km per leg)
1 Scott Benedict 10:26
2 Ben Reid 11:23
3 Mitch Graham 12:17
Women U20 - 6th - 40:45 (3.1km per leg)
1 Lana Mooney 12:47
2 Ruby Crisp 12:38
3 Haley Reid 15:20


Sandown Relays Shannon McDade 01 Sandown Relays   Lana Mooney 01  Sandown Relays   Ben Reid 01a Sandown Relays   Lavinia Petrie 01 
Shannon McDade  Lana Mooney Ben Reid Lavinia Petrie
Sandown Relays   Mitch Graham  01 Sandown Relays   Scott Benedict 01a  Sandown Relays   Lana Darren Ruby Tracey and Haley Sandown Relays   Lana Ruby and Haley
Mitch Graham Scott Benedict Lana, Darren, Ruby, Tracy and Haley Lana, Ruby and Haley
Sandown Relays   Ruby and Tracey      
Tracey and Ruby      

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