Ringwood Athletic Club

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If you have seen our recruiting poster, then your here to find out how you can Run for Ringwood.  You can also Walk, Jump, Hurdle and Throw.

The Ringwood Athletic Club  has members from 11 years old to a lot older than that, but we won't give away how old some of our 60+ members are.  As a Club we are involved in both Summer and Winter competitions.

The Winter season is made up of Cross Country and Road runs for indivduals and Team Relays.  Those runs vary in distance and are usually about three weeks apart and are mostly Saturday afternoon with a couple of Sunday mornings as well.  Winter season is from April to September

The Summer season is made up of all the events you see when you watch the Olympics and Commonwelth Games.  Running from 100m to 5000m, Walking, Jumping and Throwing events.  Summer season is from October to March.

The Club has a range of coaches who can help you with your interest.

Contact the Club via email for more information. 

Run for Ringwood image for web

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