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On a perfect sunny day the 2018 - 2019 Athletics season kicked off with the opening cross-country relays held at Jells Park.  A few PBs and some close times to last year for our runners.  Shannon McDade was the fastest for the womens team, whilst Scott Benedict led the U20 men and Josh Wright the U18 men.  Many thanks to our time keepers and officials and to Lana and Ruby for stepping into the senior team.  Welcome to new member Corey McNamara.

Women Division 3 - 4th - 1:50.18 (6k)  
1 Shannon McDade 23.20  
2 Lana Mooney 26.26 U20
3 Ruby Crisp 27.18 U16
4 Coral Farr 33.14  
Men U20 - 6th - 1:11.49 (6k)  
1 Scott Benedict 22.12  
2 Mitch Graham 26.18  
3 Ben Reid 23.19  
Men U18 - 13th - 35.14 (3k)  
1 Josh Wright 10.26  
2 James Okalyi 12.00  
3 Corey McNamara 12.38  

Jells Park general 01

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