Ringwood Athletic Club

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This years Australian Championships doubled as the Selection Trials for the Commonwealth Games, which were held at the Carrara Stadium in Brisbane from 15/2 to 18/2.  In what looked like good conditions for all the days of competition at a new track it was over to the athletes.

Ringwood had five representatives with Jack Dalton leading the way in the Mens Hammer picking up the Silver medal with a best throw of 65.78 and a B Qualifier.  Hopefully this gets Jack into the team.  Tom Fawthorpe made it through to his third 1500m final in four years.  Going into the meet with a B qualifier a win was needed to make the team.  Leading with 450m to go Tom was checked and pushed back through the field but recovered well to finish 7th in his fastest final run to date, 3:43.49.  Danielle Shaw got to race Sally Pearson in Heat 2 of the 100m Hurdles and was a sasons best with 14.00, but just missed the final.  Michael Vassilopoulos (49.74) and Nick Dyson (46.47) went straight into the Discus final finishing 8th and 10th.  Also going straight to a Final was the Shot Put with Todd Hodgetts coming 8th with a throw of 15.41 and Michael doing the double and finishing 9th with 14.76. (Possibly a PB for Nick with the 2kg. (editor better find out).

Competitor Event Result H, P or F Place Wind Date Comments
Jack Dalton Hammer 65.78 F 2 - 16 February 2018 Comm Games B qualifier
Tom Fawthorpe 1500m 3:44.03 P2 3 - 16 February 2018 Comfortably through to the final
    3:43.49 F 7 - 18 February 2018 Led until 450m to go.
Danielle Shaw 100m Hurdles 14.00 H2 4 -0.3 17 February 2018 Heat won by Sally Pearson.
Michael Vassilopoulous Discus 49.74 F 8 - 16 February 2018  
Nick Dyson Discus 46.47 F 10 - 16 February 2018  
Todd Hodgetts Shot Put 15.41 F 8   18 February 2018  
Michael Vassilopoulous Shot Put 14.76 F 9 - 18 February 2018  

2017 2018 Aus Champs Tom Fawthorpe Prelim 3rd

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