Ringwood Athletic Club

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Event Person Performance Location Date
100 Kyle Vander-Kuyp 10.5 (h) Olympic Park 10 Jan 1991
200 Scott Mace 21.3 (h) Box Hill 27 Oct 2007
400 Kyle Vander-Kuyp 46.9 (h) Olympic Park 2 Mar 1991
800 Mark Hogarth 1:49.7 Olympic Park 30 Mar 1974
1500 Tom Fawthorpe 3:49.0 Box Hill 15 Dec 2009
3000 Tom Fawthorpe 8:23.7 Olympic Park 12 Feb 2009
5000 Craig Appleby 14:47.28 Olympic Park 14 Nov 2002
10,000 Graeme Kennedy 31:22.6 Olympic Park 15 Dec 1976
3000 Steeple Craig Appleby 9:24.72 Olympic Park 12 Feb 2004
110 Hurdles (10 x 106.7) Kyle Vander-Kuyp 13.85 Plovdir 11 Aug 1990
110 Hurdles (10 x 99.1) Gary Haasbroek 14.19 Sydney 28 Mar 2017
400 Hurdles (10 x 91.4) Kyle Vander-Kuyp 52.3 (h) Olympic Park 3 Mar 1991
3000 Walk Paul Copeland 12:22.3 Olympic Park 11 Nov 1986
5000 Walk Paul Copeland 21:08.2 Olympic Park 21 Aug 1985
10,000 Walk Paul Copeland 44:41.0 Albert Park 1985
15km Walk Mark Blackwood 1:09:39.0 Albert Park 1996
20km Walk        
30km Walk        
50km Walk        
Shot Put Scott Martin 19.78 Olympic Park 8 Dec 2001
Discus (1.75kg) Scott Martin 56.97 Brisbane 24 Mar 2001
Discus (2kg) Werner Reiterer 65.62 Nunawading 15 Dec 1987
Javelin (800g) Dario Marini 69.46 Heidelberg 15 Feb 1978
Hammer Jack Dalton 66.39 Sydney 16 Mar 2012
High Jump David Frazer 2.20 Olympic Park 12 Jan 1995
Long Jump David Culbert 7.93 Sydney 28 Mar 1987
Triple Jump David Culbert 14.35 Olympic Park 15 Nov 1986
Pole Vault Gary Haasbroek 4.70 Albert Park 23 Feb 2018
Decathlon Gary Haasbroek 7798 Tampere, Finland 10-11 Jul 2018
4 X 100 Relay

Josh Tui

Darren Rowland

Scott Mace

Max Lacey

43.60 Doncaster 22 Jan 2009
4 X 200 Relay

Geoff Culbert

Chris Batson

Andrew McClintock

Michael Price

1:29.50 Olympic Park 7 Mar 1987
4 X 400 Relay

Geoff Culbert

Chris Batson

Andrew McClintock

Michael Price

3:14.09 Olympic Park 8 Mar 1987
4 X 800 Relay                     
Medley Relay

Tom Fawthorpe

Darren Rowland
Josh Tui

Scott Mace

3:29.86         Olympic Park     28 Feb 2009



* Converted from hand time by the addition of 0.24 sec for events less than 400m and 0.14 sec for 400m events.

Shot = 6kg
Hammer = 6kg
Discus = 1.75kg
Javelin = 800gm

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