Ringwood Athletic Club

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http://stlukeslutheranchurch.org/valkirty/2350 Time Clicking Here Athlete hombre que solo tiene 7 segundos de memoria Date https://infotuc.es/esminec/5151 Competition visit this site right here Location http://meliggoi.gr/mokryxa/6052 Result http://huntersneeds.net/rigaro/5858 Comments web Wind sites rencontres amicales gratuits Age content Source data Confirmed by Date of Birth
10.62 Cartherine Freman 15 December 1992           19 Club Record Lists   16 February 1973
* = Hand Timed, most likely these races were hand timed.
AA Almanac = the Athletics Australia yearly Almanac of compiled results
Olympic Park = Melbourne
Club Record Lists = Club record list printouts
RAC Record Book = The Record Book compiled by Robert Lethbridge
Top Ten List = These were kept by the Club and should be correct.
We will attempt to confirm all times by pointing to a specific record like the AA Almanac or Championship reults etc.

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