Ringwood Athletic Club

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15 yo                      
47.4* Renee Wright 30 March 1991           15 Club Records List   26 June 1975
14 yo                      
49.8* K McIntyre 20 December 1986           14 Club Records List   23 February 1972
13 yo                      
49.9* Lisa Dunstan 18 February 1989           13 Club Records List   1 May 1975
12 yo                      
11 yo                      
54.5* R M Warren 10 February 1990           11 Club Records List   17 February 1978
13.3* = original hand timing
AA Almanac = the Athletics Australia yearly Almanac of compiled results
Club Records List = Club records list printouts  
RAC Record Book = The Record Book compiled by Robert Lethbridge
Top Ten List = These were kept by the Club and should be correct.
Olympic Park = Melbourne
We will attempt to confirm all times by pointing to a specific record like the AA Almanac or Championship reults etc.

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